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The Beginning of Shakomato

The tea estate was acquired by Late Lala Darshanlal in the year 1960 by James Warren & Company. The stewardship of the company then passed into the hands of the late Jagdish Parshad, of the famous Chaiwala family from Dehradun. Presently, the business affairs of the company are in the able hands of his daughter, Ms Ruchira Parshad, who is the Managing Director & Chairman of the company.

Shakomato Tea Estate is located in the North Bank of Assam.

The tea estate derives its name from the local village-“SHAKOMATO”. Per popular lore, the name SHAKOMATO traces its origin to a Japanese soldier, by the name Shakamata, who happened to be in this region during WW II when the British Army was in combat with the Japanese Royal Army on the far eastern borders of undivided INDIA. After the end of the War, Mr Shakamata chose to stay back thus bequeathing his name to the village SHAKOMATO

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