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Welcome to the riveting world of Shakomato Tea Estate. We are located on the North Bank of the mighty river Brahmaputra of Assam. The tea estate encompasses an area of nearly 1000 hectares.


In our tea estate we have also carved out a 100% organic plot to grow Spices, Herbs, Medicinal, and Aromatic products. The northeast of India offers rich biodiversity to support different spices, aromatic products and some endangered medicinal plants that are rare.   At our organic farm, we have successfully established a full-scale organic production process. All our products are NPOP certified and are manufactured under strict quality control per GMP and GAP norms.

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What makes Shakomato different?

100% Certified organic produce, a dedicated team and years of experience, we at Shakomato deliver good, green and organic!

We are an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 22000:2005 certified organization, producing NPOP Certified produce at an earmarked area within our tea estate.

Organic farming requires higher level of labour – thus producing more income-generating jobs per farm. Organic practices of SHAKOMATO are ethical. We not only treat nature as our partner but also ensure that symbiotic relationship between farm, labour and the end produce is always kept at its equilibrium.

Our organic farming has a protective role in environmental conservation. Organic farming, per se, is close to nature and honours its pristine ways.  It allows micro-organisms of the soil to remain active in their natural state. It is our avowed policy to not allow synthetic pesticides as these are potentially harmful to water, soil, and local terrestrial and aquatic wildlife.

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